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“Meat Eaters”

The increased necessity of braces provides us with a great example of what happens to our teeth on a plant based diet. Higher instances of wisdom teeth removal also explains shrinking jaws due to plant based mindsets.

Our teeth are engineered for extreme use similar to the teeth of canines. When we don’t eat the proper diet, our teeth tell us everything we need to know about our health because plants simply do not provide a hard enough bite for our anatomy.

Most people who eat meat consider themselves “meat eaters” but this is a contrived misconception.

Most people eat less than 25% of lean meats in a modern day “balanced meal” which is actually a plant based diet in reality as 75% of most people’s food are plant based products from mega conglomerate grocery chain “Big Ag” type outlets.

That means most people on earth have never experienced any other type of diet other than plant based diets even though our anatomy totally depends on the high frequency of animal fats. Every cell in our body utilizes fats to build cellular membranes. Vitamins like B12, which are most abundant as animal sources, help to build every single blood cell in our entire body.

Millions of our people are suffering from chronic illnesses as a direct result of their plant based diet. Misinformation propagated by modern health agencies directly represents the interests of Big Ag while also contributing to morbid obesity as well as diabetes deaths.

Do you remember the old food pyramids that put wheat products as the base of the food pyramid which just happened to coincide with the biggest American industrial agriculture corporations?

Modern healthy diets of 25% lean meat come to us from the same people who own and operate the entire plant based market everything from grains to apples and pears including alcohol.

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