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People of the Caucasus

While we are happily consuming fake stories from netflix and television, including fake narratives like Roe, Ukraine, Trump, guns, Biden and rona, a bigger operation takes place in secret that corporations do not wish for you to know.

So called "white people", who mysteriously originated from the Caucasus mountains, were once a great and proud people with advanced knowledge of self. They descended from the mountain tops, after possibly having lived within the mountain itself during the last cataclysm, to bestow special knowledge and power unto all people of Earth. They were an assemblage of the most deadly warrior poets, absolutely feared by evil and loved by good. They taught the nuances of spiritual physics, literal sciences, the yoga of life and the Tao of living!

Since then, there have been several fake wars and skirmishes against them, in an effort to tarnish their once great lineage, most recently culminating in the indoctrinated racism of the fake manufactured narrative of "slavery in America" and of conservative politics in American Christians.

Through the indoctrination apparatus and reeducation camps Americans presently call schools, the original people of the Caucasus have lost their memories and been given new ones.

Varying levels of physical and spiritual attacks have rendered these once great people unable to detect the special memories contained in their DNA. Petroleum based food coloring that causes chromosomal damage to DNA, alcohol drug and caffeine addiction, poisoned wheat, poisoned water, plastic contamination, heavy metals contamination: all of these things contribute to the loss of their ancient memories.

And now, thanks to the political fiction fostered by corporations, conservative white people will soon be hunted down, in futility, by dangerously untrained liberal white people, both groups totally unaware of their own ancient majesty.

Various operations are taking place in our so called modern society, one of them being women's suffrage and women's liberation, again co-opted by corporations for nefarious purposes. It used to be that women were too smart to enter politics, they were too smart to enter the work force inside the factories with the less mentally and spiritually and heart developed men. The men subjected themselves to factory slavery because they were not very smart, because they could see no alternatives to the fictions of their day. Women, however, took far more psychologically advanced coaxing to pry them away from their true nature, while, for men, it was much easier to clip their wings and stuff them into factories.

American corporations and governments realized they needed massive tax bases to fight the banks of England, so they made sure to give the "right to vote" along with the "right to be taxed" to other demographics, including women. After the operation was a success, the American government more than doubled its original tax base, initially bringing in more money to resist the influence of the British Crown. That time has since passed because the Crown sent in the Jesuits as reinforcements to slowly dismantle the once great countries of America.

When we look back into history, we notice it took hundreds of years for old rich white racist sexist and classist men to actually successfully fund women's suffrage and women's liberation movements, protests, rallies, in a careful operation to capture the hearts and minds of women, who were previously uncapturable.

After entering the workforce, birthrates in the people of the Caucuses began to plummet, while heart attacks, depression and suicide in women began to increase to the astounding levels we see today.

As an integral part of this operation, those same rich racist classist sexist "white" "Jewish" "Jesuits" began creating liberal arts colleges and media to cement their control over women of the Caucasus. Schools and universities are an important part of the indoctrination apparatus, just like the fake news media corporations, and, with the help of the women themselves, we arrive where we are today, in which the women themselves celebrate the mass murder of their own children, as their own birthrates plummet, as they are no longer able to sustain their own population in the final denouement of a war taking place for more than 10,000 years against them.

Intellectualism actually provides an excellent mechanism to influence and infiltrate the minds of the people of the Caucasus. When these detailed and complex fictions are presented to them, people of the Caucasus no longer have access to the ancient memories contained within their DNA, so they quickly defer to the flavor of the month, of the year and of the day. This is how we have seen what occurs come to fruition, quite easily being put forth in the minds of the people themselves, who are not aware of the advanced psychological manipulation being perpetrated on all Earth people, of all colors.

Somehow, we have arrived at where we are today, with abortion of our own children actually becoming a leading cause of death. Many people will examine this information for themselves and arrive at the same conclusions as these and yet not be able to reason why or how we arrived here. Well, my dear friends, I humbly submit to you such a saga lost by time, intentionally obfuscated in the minds and memories of a once great Earth tribe, all for the intents and purposes of what we are currently watching unfold: the inability of the white people from the Caucasus to continue living and reproducing.

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