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People of the Caucasus

While we are happily consuming fake stories from netflix and television, including fake narratives like Roe, Ukraine, Trump, guns, Biden and rona, a bigger operation takes place in secret that corporations do not wish for you to know.

So called "white people", who mysteriously originated from the Caucasus mountains, were once a great and proud people with advanced knowledge of self. They descended from the mountain tops, after possibly having lived within the mountain itself during the last cataclysm, to bestow special knowledge and power unto all people of Earth. They were an assemblage of the most deadly warrior poets, absolutely feared by evil and loved by good. They taught the nuances of spiritual physics, literal sciences, the yoga of life and the Tao of living!

Since then, there have been several fake wars and skirmishes against them, in an effort to tarnish their once great lineage, most recently culminating in the indoctrinated racism of the fake manufactured narrative of "slavery in America" and of conservative politics in American Christians.

Through the indoctrination apparatus and reeducation camps Americans presently call schools, the original people of the Caucasus have lost their memories and been given new ones.