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Religious Conflation

Ancient texts with vital information about the physics of existence, the nuts and bolts of manifestation and much more, were all compiled into exclusive religious texts for the purposes of gatekeeping information and control.

In our modern daze, pertinent information often gets intentionally overlooked due to the dated language presented by modern fallacious translations.

Government and media exploit religious principles and we get to a place where we are today, in which many people think religion is uncool or taboo.

Religion was never meant to be taken so religiously because this very situation remains part of a greater deception.

Hermetic principles contained in modern day Abrahamic religions are vital to the success of all individuals, as we attempt to master our own consciousness in a way that suits our own interests and desires.

For this reason, the "others" I so often speak upon do not want such literal secrets being perceived by the common person, even as these secrets rest in their very hands, in the form of the Bible or Quran or Talmud or any other modern day religious document.

What we perceive as religion itself, for many, exists as an impassible precipice, an intentional wall of incomprehension, that many people will live their entire lives without ever coming to know... unless, of course, you are reading these words.

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