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Rights vs Opinions

A logical treatment regarding the power of rights

These are the actual powers afforded to the federal government by the Constitution: the power to coin money, to regulate commerce, to declare war, to raise and maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office.

That means the government cannot force you to put anything IN your body, just like they cannot force you to take anything OUT of your body.

Likewise, the government cannot Prevent you from putting anything IN your body, and they also cannot Prevent you from taking anything OUT of your body.

As a people, we have been lulled into this sense of caring about what the government thinks, and this is an inherently weak position to be in because human rights are not based in opinion, but on the natural birth right of life itself that we are afforded by nature, as it is described in the American Constitution.

People stood by and did very little when Biden forced everyone to take the injection, totally shitting on our bodily autonomy, and yet now, those same people are taking offense with the supreme court as they attempt to shit on our bodily autonomy. This type of contradiction indicates a low-information mindset and a total lack of comprehension with regard to our natural rights.

Just like it is the opinion of the government that vaccines work, and that opinion is highly debatable, despite anyone's personal beliefs, the right or not to abortion again relies on the opinion of the supreme court, and again, that opinion is highly debatable, regardless of anyone's personal beliefs, because both of these opinion mindsets rely on the usurpation of rights by opinions, making both of these arguments inherently and fundamentally flawed.

This is where the role of civil rights comes into play because these rights are not meant to be trifled with by opinions, something that has already taken place for several decades now thanks to the political mobilization created by the media who are composed of the biggest amoral corporations on Earth.

For example, California's attempt to prevent people under the age of 21 from buying guns was found to be unconstitutional. The contradiction being relied upon in this instance concerns the fact that Californians under the age of 21 are literally dying in battle overseas as members of our military, after being given automatic military rifles, and yet, it is the opinion of Gavin Newsom that Californians under the age of 21 should be prevented from owning guns.

In Texas we see essentially the same exact contradiction, but flipped from the liberal mindset to the conservative.

As Texas attempts to ban abortions, women are being prevented from the right to choose, just as people under the age of 21 in California would be prevented from the right to choose by the opinions of Gavin Newsom, but in this case, these are the opinions of the Texas government, which ultimately do not matter with regard to rights because they are opinions nonetheless; therefore, they cannot interfere with a person's agency and liberty.

As a result of the highly flawed over-emphasis on opinions, with respect to rights, we see the culmination of such a mindset in governments using peoples' opinions to manipulate perception of our own rights, using popularity, logical fallacies, oversimplifications and false dichotomies to slowly whittle away at the core tenants of the rights themselves, as if rights were inherently political, which they are absolutely not.

When we examine the argumentative nature within the false dichotomy of liberals versus conservatives, we are met with a type of emotional immaturity that seems to reinforce the government status quo through the limitations imposed by democratic hostage taking of ideological minorities. Democracy essentially boils down to ideological minorities being minimized by ideological majorities, based on nothing other than opinion. In one of my previous articles, I referred to this interplay being described succinctly by an episode of Southpark. Rather than seeing the people advocate for each other's rights, regardless of their overall opinions, we see each political ideology on the "playground", as it were, with each secular mindset literally laughing at the other one as they are each being stripped of their very rights; liberals on some days and conservatives on others.

Historically, people in the United States had a mutual comprehension that each other's rights were worth fighting for, worth dying for, but modern politics, when subject to the vicious power of media, has made sure to minimize this comprehension by mobilizing political ideologies against one another and toward the pursuit of profits, ultimately undermining both liberal and conservative mindsets. The situation we are seeing unfold today happens to coincide with the same situation we see being generated since the 60s, where, rather than working together, we are being manipulated into working apart. The purpose of this article aims to nullify such transgressions put forth by illegitimate governments and corporations, by reinstituting the common work ethic that originally garnered this country's prosperity, peace, love and solidarity.

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