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Rights vs Opinions

A logical treatment regarding the power of rights

These are the actual powers afforded to the federal government by the Constitution: the power to coin money, to regulate commerce, to declare war, to raise and maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office.

That means the government cannot force you to put anything IN your body, just like they cannot force you to take anything OUT of your body.

Likewise, the government cannot Prevent you from putting anything IN your body, and they also cannot Prevent you from taking anything OUT of your body.

As a people, we have been lulled into this sense of caring about what the government thinks, and this is an inherently weak position to be in because human rights are not based in opinion, but on the natural birth right of life itself that we are afforded by nature, as it is described in the American Constitution.

People stood by and did very little when Biden forced everyone to take the injection, totally shitting on our bodily autonomy, and yet now, those same people are taking offense with the supreme court as they attempt to shit on our bodily autonomy. This type of contradiction indicates a low-information mindset and a total lack of comprehension with regard to our natural rights.

Just like it is the opinion of the government that vaccines work, and that opinion is highly debatable, despite anyone's personal beliefs, the right or not to abortion again relies on the opinion of the supreme court, and again, that opinion is highly debatable, regardless of anyone's personal beliefs, because both of these opinion mindsets rely on the usurpation of rights by opinions, making both of these arguments inherently and fundamentally flawed.