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Synthesis of a comprehensive schema

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

So often during our modern era, we are set forth against each other, diametrically opposed to one another's ideals, as if we were not of the same people or planet or blood. The world was not always so bloodthirsty, enemies were not always so easily identifiable; something happened between then and now. As the science of false dichotomies experienced a space-age type arms race, deep in the projects of government corporation thinktanks, it overcame the advancement of love and compassion, resulting in the modern world.

In so many of my logical treatments, the above optical illusion of the duck or rabbit paradox provides us with a stellar conceptual model, as we are attempting to perceive the subtleties of clinical obfuscation and how it constructs the corporatized modern world of false dichotomy.

It is neither a duck nor a rabbit, but rather, construction of the optical illusion itself serves only one purpose: the obfuscation of reality. In this single conceptual model, we see the true nature of the apparatus itself, manufacturing opinions that are diametrically opposed, literally based on the same experience, the same subject matter, indeed, the very same hopes and dreams.

We, as a people, are quite familiar with false dichotomies; they come in many forms, colors and constructs. One of the most famous false dichotomies represents the battle between red and blue, the bloods and the crips, the conservatives and the liberals, the republicans and the democrats. In a study performed by Princeton University, entitled Emotion shapes the diffusion of moralized content in social networks, the following graph generated a shocking representation of the greater thought processes happening on this planet earth.

As we can see here, in the above representation of echo chambers of thought and opinion, literally created by a curated false dichotomy, our people have been intellectually reduced into the confinement principles of left versus right. A lot of famous science has come out of the political situation we refer to as the false dichotomy, most famously enshrined in an article based on data accumulated from 20 years of voting outcomes. Coincidently, Princeton University also performed this study that explains to us "congress doesn't care what you think". Here we see the power of the false dichotomy to manufacture favorable outcomes, not for the hopes and aspirations of well-meaning Americans, but for the corporate aristocracy of global institutions and industries.


Any number of political topics can illustrate the predispositions of common people when corralled into the confines of intellectual corporate gallows, so let us pick only one topic to illustrate the point we are fleshing out together here today.

Border security in the United States provides us with a nearly perfect conceptual model to produce a comprehensive schema, as the formulation itself can be applied to any other political topic or problem. In the American media apparatus, two distinctly opposite opinions are spoon-fed to the public: lax border security in the liberal mindset and tightened border security in the conservative mindset.

In a comprehensive border security approach, every aspect of border dynamics would have to be utilized to form an effective plan. There would undoubtedly be a distinct plan of action for legitimate refugees, just as there would be a distinct plan to reject violent criminals, but on the television or the news, these two opinions, though a part of the very same logical approach to border security, are set against one another as if they were opposites. So we see every other political mind game performed much the same way, a coordinated bipartisan effort to keep us on the see-saw of the liberal and conservative power struggle of false dichotomy.

Precisely why they call it a false dichotomy has everything to do with it being untrue. Just as we saw in the border security conceptual model, both sets of people in the liberal and conservative mindset, including both their opinions, must be a part of any legitimate border security plan, or any other issue at large, for there to exist a comprehensive schema. When the media apparatus, who are themselves controlled by a small technocratic oligarchy representative of the world's historical feudal dynasties, deploy false dichotomies to sow dissent, incomplete actions follow, incomplete plans and incomplete positive outcomes.

When we disengage with the mobilization device we call politics and television and social media, we begin to act independently, and yet, more synchronistically, in a more comprehensive manner, thinking not only for ourselves, but our intellectual counterparts. When we begin thinking in a broader, more extensive mindset, complete actions follow, complete plans and complete positive outcomes; in favor of all people and the environment, and away from the control structure instituted by global hegemonies.

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