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The exploitation of Greta Thunberg

Progressives: hey lets exploit this innocent child suffering from multiple cognitive impairments to sell more Teslas.

Conservatives: hey lets attack this innocent child being exploited by progressives with multiple cognitive impairments.

Take a look at this first photo of our dear daughter Greta under intense studio lighting with our friends at Democracy Now. Do you see how dilated Greta's pupils are? That's an indication of high dose psychotropic medication -- she's doing these interviews higher than a kite flown by Bobby Brown and the progressives have literally no fucking clue.

Greta also suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome which provides the basis for her complex psychology and experience of anxiety.

Did you know that Greta has Asperger's syndrome? In many of her public appearances she displays what the western medical establishment calls 'selective mutism', a form of intense social anxiety hence all the doped up psychotropic drugs coursing through her prepubescent veins, for the good of the climate of course.

Historically, exploiting children always has a massive return on investment that's why we see people like Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Himmler with so many perfectly orchestrated photographs really capturing their 'humanity'.

We do not want to participate in the dominant paradigm or the dominant narrative because the people who manufacture it are always doing so from a place of immoral verisimilitude which makes us culpable in the ramifications, immoral and slavish.

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