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The Human Brain: A Piezoelectric Microcrystalline Transducing Magnetometer

The human pineal gland functions as a simultaneous microphone, speaker, antenna, receiver, projector and injector, all in one and all at once, as the conductor of the body's great symphony. Our circadian rhythms, indeed, the rhythms of our entire body, are all coordinated by the human pineal gland, as it follows and detects, not only the sun and moon, but the very energy of Earth and the universe.

Piezoelectric substances are very sensitive to environmental stimuli and can naturally accumulate and emit energy and light when excited by pressure, heat or even passing energy, very similar to the physics principles of synchronous tuning forks. Central function of the pineal gland originates from the very sensitivity afforded to such an organ, itself composed of piezoelectric substances, for the usages and purposes of both sending and receiving data from a physical environment mainly composed of varying degrees of electromagnetism.

trans·duc·er /transˈd(y)o͞osər,tranzˈd(y)o͞osər/ Learn to pronounce
a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa.

Inside the human brain resides a hot cavity, constantly exerting pressure and heat to the very center of the human head: the pineal gland. Piezoelectric abilities of the human pineal gland utilize the constant heat and pressure from the human brain cavity and interactions with ambient energy fields to charge up and activate the pineal gland itself, thereby transmitting the information to the rest of the cellular network. As the pineal gland begins to experience heat and pressure in a developing fetus, and in the latter stages of human development, the pineal gland begins emitting electricity when in the presence of various types of energy fields, including the magnetic fields of the Earth and Solar System.

Microwaves from the cosmic background produce a certain reverberation that we can conceptualize as a literal sound. These faint vibrations, thanks to the super sensitive piezoelectric quality of the pineal gland, allows us to perceive barely "audible" and "feelable" reverberations, of not only the universe, but of Earth, of the Sun, of the rest of the Solar System and even of supermassive interstellar objects that happen to be passing by, that all have an effect on the electrosensitive and magnetosensitive qualities of the pineal gland and the human brain.

Using the exact same principles of information transportation via magnetic carrier waves, the human pineal gland interacts and communicates with the magnetic field of Earth, as well as other energy fields emitted by people, plants, animals and microbes, exactly like the operations of a Wifi router and cellphone. Information, in the form of various types of fields, including the perturbations of light itself, all interact with the pineal gland to conduct the delicate dance of melatonin production and hormone production that ultimately crescendos in a person's good health.

Ultrasensitive magnetite crystalline arrays inside human brains can detect minute characteristics contained within energy fields. Just like the information transfer occurring between a wifi router and cellphone, the magnetite microcrystalline lattice found in the human brain functions in the exact same way, both receiving and decoding information contained in the Earth's magnetic field, similar to pigeons or honeybees. Concentrations of magnetite in the human brain all centralize around the pineal gland as the main coherent processing body involved in both sending and receiving information from various types of energy fields.

Humans themselves, when they congregate in large groups and in close proximities, actually create complex arrays composed of their piezoelectric microcrystalline transducers, that, when aligned by a singular purpose or intent, can actually affect the fabric of space, time and even people! In a famous experiment called the Maharishi Effect, reproduced several times around the world, intentional coherent thought and feeling frequencies, emanated by large groups of people, directly affect the experience and manifestation of life in the immediate vicinity by lowering the violent crime rates in predictable increments! Each human brain produces twenty watts of power and every human body produces 100 watts of power, so when we congregate in large numbers with a singular purpose or idea in our immediate collective mind, we are literally transmitting physical energy waves of a substantial magnitude and voltage that do affect our experience in life as well as the minds of other people, animals and plants! Today we are precisely identifying, for you, the specific causative process of this uniquely human ability, a process that has eluded generations of western scientists -- until now!

A well-known and peculiar physics principle called spontaneous synchronization perfectly presents to us the actual mechanism acting on the greater subconscious of people in the vicinity of the Maharishi experiments, namely, the tendency toward entrainment of physical objects in a physical existence. Just as with the synchronous tuning forks analog mentioned above, where sound energy converts into a physical energy, the same principle can be conceptualized in a different way, by physical objects like metronomes. Western scientists of the world currently find it hard to explain why exactly metronomes synchronize at random, but I'll give you a hint, it's not random at all! Just as an ocean undulates in time with itself to form what we perceive as coherent waves that we can identify as waves of water, physical objects affect the fabric of the universe, sometimes referred to as the Higg's Field or the ether or the space itself that actually "bends" in the theory of special relativity. As the space itself becomes perturbed by the motion of physical objects, because of the minute charge differentials caused by the motions of atoms themselves within the objects, waves of undulation are produced in the fabric of space itself which inevitably causes synchronization, just as the countless trillions of water molecules synchronize almost instantly to produce ripples in the water from the casting of a stone, ripples that we can identify as coherent waves with specific amplitudes and frequencies.

As a group of humans concentrate on a particular thought, intent or feeling, like that of love and peace, the magnetite microcrystalline lattices of the human brains in the vicinity, who may not be a part of the original meditation group, pick up on these signals, effectively amplifying them through the analysis occurring in the pineal gland, and then reproducing them via the heart emanation through the process of entrainment, just like in the metronome experiments.

Now let us return back to the wifi and cellphone analogy. When we continue to extend this wifi router and cellphone analogy, we begin to see just how similarly humans function in relation to the magnetic fields of Earth and each other. Microcrystalline magnetite lattice arrays in human brains not only detect and decode information from the Earth magnetic field, but also from the magnetic fields being produced by the hearts and minds of other animals, including humans! As the magnetite array contained in the human brain collects information being carried by energy waves, it sends all that data to the pineal gland, where information undergoes further processing and decoding that arise in the human being as intuition!

Clairvoyance has long mystified the scientific body of western mindsets, causing a great deal of contention with regard to what exactly is actually possible and verifiable: the express purpose of today's scientific publication! Various studies conducted by the world's scientists attempt to document the specifics that give rise to extrasensory perception, a human ability that has always been well-known in traditional cultures such as Native Americans or shamanic traditions, but remains elusive, mysterious and seemingly unbelievable to the western mindset.

The Silva Method is a self-help and meditation program developed by José Silva. It claims to increase an individual's abilities through relaxation, development of higher brain functions, and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.[1]

Many types of methods utilized by humanity can appear to generate extrasensory capabilities through the careful practice of specific brain wave states, but there is nothing paranormal or magical about these natural abilities, as they are all hardwired directly as a result of the necessary functions of biology and all life. The CIA, for example, spent considerable resources developing extrasensory reconnaissance protocols based on esoteric techniques from various traditional human cultures. Much like the Silva method mentioned above, remote viewing, clairvoyance and the detection of potential futures all rely on standard biology and how it interacts with different energy fields present in our environment, through the interpretation and extrapolation afforded to us by our brain: a piezoelectric microcrystalline transducing magnetometer.

In the Vedic tradition, a long history of documenting human special abilities provides the foundation that we, and many other governments and intelligence agencies, use toward the synthesis of complex ideas regarding our natural omnipotence. The Siddhis are a list of special human abilities that can be developed through one's own mastery of the mind and body. Included within this historical list of well-known and well-documented Siddhis are the facets of clairvoyance that have long fascinated researchers like Jose Silva and the CIA.

Now we will document the nuts and bolts form and function of what we are actually witnessing in human special abilities and how they are intimately generated by the interactions of, and between, two of the most important components we have covered so far: the magnetite microcrystalline lattice and the piezoelectric pineal gland both working in unison inside the human brain.

Humans will often refer to a "gut feeling" in which they seem to be privy to information that transcends our ideas of the common physical senses, into the realm of extrasensory perception. As we documented above, there is nothing particularly extrasensory about the mechanisms of such abilities, only that the original western mindset of the abilities themselves remains out of touch, out of date and perpetually low-information as a consequence of limited ethnocentric western mindsets.

When we, as humans, are experiencing life in the ocean of cosmos we call existence, we are being exposed to a myriad of information in the form of intangible energy waves from the Earth, each other, plants, animals, microorganisms and even rocks. These waves of energy are carefully analyzed by the microcrystalline magnetite lattice of the brain and then interpreted and extrapolated by the processor of the pineal gland into our conscious awareness. As a result of such a biological process, the human becomes furnished with various inferences, hunches and intuitions about perhaps the mood of a friend, the potential actions of a prey animal in chase, the potential actions of the Earth itself: what we would refer to as detections of the future.

What humans refer to as "predicting the future" literally describes the process by which the magnetite lattice of the brain detects minute differentiations in the characteristics of oncoming energy wave fronts, thereby identifying, with the conscious mind, certain possible tendencies or events that have not yet occurred in the frame of conscious reference. From the perspective of the person or persons, it would seem as though the future is being detected and predicted, when in reality, the energy waves themselves are giving initial indications of what will come later, "in the future", as a boat begins to bobble up and down on the water while a large ship passes. From our perspective, in this conceptual model, we can see the slightest perturbations in the water approaching before the bigger and stronger waves generated by the ship's wake actually reaches our own vessel physically. This is precisely the way in which certain people can "see the future", being more in tune with the reverberations of the universe, and how to read them, they can literally "see" or, more accurately, "feel" the oncoming changes, as if we were becoming aware of the wake approaching our boat, before it actually comes into contact with the boat itself.

Note from the author:

In my previous scientific presentations, I documented the specifics of modern telecommunications arrays and how the electrical wave components included in the function of the arrays themselves actually have nothing to do with the function of the technology itself. I posed the question: if the phone still works with the wifi router without the electronic component of the waves, after being absorbed by the EMF absorption jewelry I specially developed, then why is it that dangerous electrical waves are being included in the function of modern wireless communication arrays? Further still, if it has been found in the medical literature, which it indeed has, that, modern wireless technology can interfere with our delicate biology, then why are we establishing global communications arrays that injure us? Not only that, but why are we establishing these so called "communications arrays" that literally arrest the communication between individuals, between our own thoughts and minds and hearts? What humans call telepathic or empathic communication, I have specifically documented occurs as a natural process of our biology from the transducing elements contained in our own bodies!

Today we added to the lengthy list of legitimate reasoning that seriously calls into question the nature of electromagnetic frequency pollution as it is found in global telecommunications arrays and electronic technology. We proved that extremely sensitive microcrystalline magnetite lattices in human brains appropriate super complex and minute variances in oncoming energy fields as a means of not only communication within our own bodies, but between our bodies and with each other, and also with the environment! Together, we also discovered that the pineal gland itself relies on the delicate interplay between the Earth's magnetic field, and, indeed, the sounds themselves coming from the Sun and Cosmic Microwave Background, from the very universe! With all of this information we assembled together here today, in conjunction with the documentation from my previous scientific presentations, we can plainly see that wireless and electronic technology intentionally muddies the waters of the energy fields we directly use to telepathically and empathically and biologically communicate! When we look out into the world and become dissatisfied with its state and quality of life, we must know that it is simply because we can no longer hear each other's thoughts and feelings, as a result of electronic technology!

Would you like to liberate yourself from the confines of the field isolation caused by modern electronic technology? Go to Etsy: LifeProductsDirect to acquire tried and tested EMF absorption jewelry! Want more information about EMF pollution? Go to my website to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family from EMF pollution!

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