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The Story of Jesus

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Exploring thematic juxtaposition in human art forms connote deeply fundamental desires of the greater subconscious.

Often such psychological predispositions take shape by the most primordial desires to keep on living, especially in the face of totalitarian governments (a common theme in the world’s ancient literature).

If Jesus had high powered long range assault weapons, the Romans would have had a hell of a time trying to kill him and his boys.

Jesus fundamentally represents a direct affront to fascist plutocratic hegemony and you cannot have that without some good ol’ fashioned American artillery.

The bible does not contain ‘religion’ as much as it contains advanced forgotten philosophical frameworks.

When we look beyond obvious travesties put forth in modern day bibles and religion, only then can we know the truth.

For instance ‘the bible’ teaches there should be no profit from food or money at interest and as we look out at our own world today, we see exactly why.

Religion was never meant to be taken so religiously. For instance, the character of ‘Jesus’ dispensed several ancient teachings that we would consider to be early forms of Buddhism. Once we begin viewing ancient texts as purely historical and scientific documents, the modern day religious war taking place between Christians, Muslims and Jews gains more context. No matter where one’s beliefs lie, all modern religion follows the same ancient philosophical culture, the same culture currently being destroyed by ignorant modern day religious zealots in a fallacy of oversimplification.

Rather than celebrate ‘the birth of Christ’ we are metaphorically celebrating the birth of our own matured state of consciousness.

“Religion,” as we know it, is composed of far more than simple recognizable tokens and edifices. In fact, modern day religious symbology has more to do with the physics of existence than it does with angels and demons, more to do with human biology than it does with heaven or hell. There are those among us who would attempt to argue the contrary from a place of indoctrination and they would be wrong.

Due to the reflexive nature of sentient consciousness, minute aspects of our perceptions actually color our physical reality.

The reasons for such massive investments in media, government propaganda and religion centralize directly upon this singular principle: the very ways in which we think of ourselves actually govern our entire value system.

Every aspect of our physical experience propagates from deep unconscious personal identities like ‘the American revolution’ or ‘slavery’ or ‘originating from a foreign nation’ or ‘practicing a different religion’.

For instance, the manufactured notion of ‘being a minority’ itself represents a very subtle and very advanced type of psychological indoctrination that ultimately forms the basis of allowance we see in the American population concerning police brutality. American police have been killing American citizens for over 80 years and yet they have not once risen up in any meaningful way. WHY?

Until now, such advanced psychological manipulations have never been known or even detected by our people. They represent our carefully cultivated human experience as we have all been surreptitiously enlisted into an astounding variety of limited thought forms. Any typical argument that can be found on the corporate television are simply hiding the truth like ‘global climate change’, ‘economics’, ‘black lives matter’, ‘trans’, ‘gay’, ‘qanon’, ‘proud boys’, ‘sovereign citizens’, ‘kkk’, ‘race’, ‘sex’, ‘progressives’, ‘republicans’.

For this exact same psychological reason as mentioned previously, hell was added to the new testament to lay the groundwork for an intrinsically subservient society. And that is exactly what we see today in China, the United States, the European Union, indeed every nation on earth functions in the same exact way; a top down exclusionary hegemony.

Jesus fundamentally represents a rejection of slavery, a rejection of fascism, a rejection of corrupt consolidated power and resources, a rejection of status quo from the ultra wealthy and powerful.

Jesus represents the true spirit of all life and the birthright of autonomy.

The story of Jesus has been reproduced countless times on earth by numerous distinct cultures.

In the Hindu Buddhist tradition they refer to this ensouled phenomenon as ‘the avatars of Shiva’.

Cosmological birth charts of the entire human race coalesce in an endless fractal of cyclical incarnations much like the pulsations of a simple magnetic field or like water flowing through a drain.

In one sense, humans reproduced the historical story of Jesus as a subconscious metaphor for the mental transition between ignorance and awareness, but in another sense, these Jesus-like individuals were literally ‘avatars of Shiva’: impetuous, irrepressible aspects of the greater human subconscious ensouled in human form. Native Americans sometimes call this phenomenon the ‘heyoka.’

Avatars literally manifest like a spiritual immune system as a direct result of traumatic stimulus; the unjust and continued subjugation of our people.

In the last 10,000 years, humans have experienced never ending fascism in part due to the advanced psychological manipulation.. With each passing turn, avatars rise up against these injustices and pave the way for a greater level of awareness, transcending trauma-based social programming by replacing it with the birthright of autonomy.

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