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The Wuhan Lab Leak

After examining the publicly available medical literature in the year 2020, I determined that Sarscovid2 was a genetically modified bioweapon produced illegally by Communist Chinese military researchers with funding from the west.

Global media outlets quickly participated in a carefully orchestrated gaslighting operation to hide information crucial to the survival of at-risk populations like low income people of color.

Although the government corporate media attempted to claim the Wuhan Lab Leak was a baseless conspiracy theory, medical and scientific evidence cannot be so easily dismissed. A flu like illness that causes dementia and organ failure: how much more obvious can it really be?

Due to the psychological indoctrination of western schooling, our people are totally dependent on linear thinking as presented by corporate media giants, the great majority of them being no longer capable of critical thought. Problems and solutions are presented to television audiences in an oversimplified schema of point A to point B, a mysterious pandemic and a convenient solution in the form of free but expensive to produce experimental injections.

As the situation became more nuanced with foreign funding from the Pentagon, the middle man of EcoHealth Alliance foundation, Chinese subterfuge and the involvement of German biotech conglomerates, our people were quickly lost in an apathetic sea of premeditated disinformation and manufactured confusion.

Obfuscation created by world governments coaxed us through a never-ending labyrinth of suspicion and denial. Due to the powerful nature of fear, dangerously experimental RNA vaccines were presented to the world as the only hope of survival and they were quickly accepted as such.

But classical approaches like vaccines have no real relevance in lieu of genetically modified bioweapons and global governments were acutely aware of this that’s why there was such a massive investment in attempting to keep this information suppressed.

Illegally produced genetically modified bioweapons were a convenient pathway to inculcate the masses into accepting RNA gene therapy and covert genetic modification. DNA vaccines quickly followed. Just as in the GMO food operation, most poor people around the world have no real say in these global programs because they are merely expendable subjects of western colonialist nations (indeed they are simply labeled conspiracy theorists if they even attempt to resist their own genocide). Any global operation being conducted through the guise of white philanthropy, including mass vaccination, has but one objective: the complete subjugation of native cultures.

Although populations from Germany, United States, Canada, England, Russia and France are minute fractions of the total global people, their economic warfare is brutally waged upon the entire earth through the guise of white philanthropy. Native African and South American farmers, for instance, were ruthlessly crushed by mega food giants like Monsanto-Bayer, thus we can be sure of a similar outcome as the global vaccination program conducted by western nations continues unless we stop it through education and outreach on a scale never before conceived.

Our people are locked in a state of limited awareness and they can no longer perceive imminent threats to their survival or happiness due, in part, to mass caffeine and alcohol addiction. The Sarscovd2 narrative objectively remains as follows: an illegal genetically modified bioweapon that targets people of color was “accidentally” released into the public in such a purposefully nebulous operation, no discernable fault can be determined. During this era of secret informational warfare, genocide is now considered a mere “conspiracy theory”, the subjugation of entire continents deemed merely as “economics”, the mass indoctrination of people perceived as nothing more than “entertainment”.

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