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Why do primates eat meat?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Why does every great ape primate eat meat?

Gorillas, Bili apes, chimps, bonobos, orangutans and humans have all been found to eat meat in the wild. Here on Earth, there are two distinct forms of cellular organization shared by DNA based lifeforms. One type utilizes cellulose to create rigid cell walls, while the other type composes its cells with fatty membranes. The metabolism of mammals utilizes a completely microbe driven series of processes to acquire various nutrients and vitamins necessary for survival. Both herbivores and carnivores build their bodies using cell membranes, but they each approach the task in very different ways. Because plants use rigid cellulose to build their plant bodies, herbivores cannot actually "eat” the grass directly; therefore, herbivores essentially build their cellular membranes by breaking down the “bodies” of the gut microbes who can. Microbes in fermentation chambers of ruminants are the ones actually “eating” cellulose by efficiently metabolizing it with highly specialized and unique enzymes. As microbes are living and dying in countless trillions of generations, the complex gut design of herbivore mammals captures cellular building blocks, in the form of cellular debris from cellulose-metabolizing microorganisms, to then build their own herbivore cellular membranes in a totally unique form of symbiosis. In a sense, herbivores are simply moving incubators for beyond ancient, highly specialized microorganisms; some of the first organisms on Earth capable of metabolizing cellulose. Herbivores and fruitivores always have some kind of fermentation chamber like the ruminant or the cecum, but what exactly are they fermenting? Cows, as an example of ruminants, have identifiable plant matter like grass readily visible in their feces, precisely became they are not exactly eating the grass itself, but actually growing, or more accurately, culturing microorganisms on the grass as a substrate.

Primates who consume relatively less meat than their genetic relatives have a specialized fermentation chamber called the cecum in the digestive tract for fermenting and culturing microorganisms that they can then capture fatty vitamin complexes "vegetarian" primates need to survive. Colobus primates, for example, developed a unique cecum to harvest vitamins like B-12 from their fermenting microorganisms so they can continue maintaining the fatty cellular membranes in the body, including trillions of red blood cells. The complex specialization required to be a primate vegetarian indicates to us that because humans do not have a highly specialized cecum, humans are not naturally vegetarian nor vegan.

Discover Magazine: "The grisly, diverse world of meat eating primates"

Mammalian carnivores on the other hand have no fermentation chamber or cecum, they have no identifiable food source in their feces other than indigestible bones and hair, indicating to us that, as a result of their digestive approach, carnivore microorganisms directly break down cells from the meat without cellular culturing, forming the basis for high carnivore biological requirements of Vitamin B-12 rich fatty complexes (animal meat). The development of Vitamin B-12 must have occurred at nearly the same time scale as the development of the first microorganisms capable of metabolizing cellulose. All insect and animal life must have originated directly from the historical advancements in cellular membranes created by some of the first cellulose-metabolizing microorganisms billions of years ago. Vitamin B-12 builds every single blood cell in the human body, over thirty trillion individual blood cells. Because Vitamin B-12 became so vital to mammalian life, even animals that were once classified as “herbivores” have miraculously been found to also consume meat in the form of animals, but why? Microorganisms go through many fellow intermediaries in order to produce fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin B-12, with absorption generally occurring at the end of a long chain of processes and digestion. Vitamin B-12 naturally comes from animals because the animals' cells and energy come directly from these highly specialized microorganisms. Vitamin B-12 is so important for building blood, bones and brains that so called “herbivores” will often consume animal meat directly rather than wait on the energy intensive, lengthy process undertaken by their microorganisms. Vitamin B-12 and other fatty complexes are so vitally important to mammals, carnivores and herbivores alike, that even herbivores will naturally eat animals as they are a more readily accessible source of Vitamin B-12, an essential vitamin mammals desperately need to survive. The very ways in which we think about plants, animals and insects in rigid terms of herbivores and carnivores intentionally hides the fact that all mammalian life, whether herbivore or carnivore, must regularly consume animals for access to full-spectrum Vitamin B-12. Herbivores, for example, can access Vitamin B-12 from the cellular debris of the microorganisms being cultured in their highly specialized ruminant, so herbivores don't need to eat much meat, thus they only eat meat occasionally. Carnivores do not contain fermentation/cellular culturing chambers; therefore, they must frequently consume animals because the animal bodies and organs, blood and bones, are literally composed of the Vitamin B-12 carnivores legitimately need to survive. Truly vegan vertebrate mammals are few and far between because of the specific design constraints in the metabolism of mammals. Rabbits, for example, though also documented to occasionally eat meat, are what we could consider "vegan", in the modern, colloquial usage of term. Due to the biological requirements in the maintenance of mammalian fatty lipid cellular membranes, rabbits must literally consume their own feces to access adequate levels of Vitamin B-12. Because rabbits are such small creatures in comparison to large bovine ruminants like cows, rabbits don't have the space for large fermentation and cellular culturing chambers, so they must literally eat their own poop to survive. Microorganisms who produce Vitamin B-12 do live in the large intestine and colon of mammals like rabbits, but those organs are beyond where the digestion and absorption takes place -- it's the same reason why some strict vegans can suddenly and secretly get the irresistable urge to eat their own shit. Now we come to the real reason for the absolute biological necessity of Vitamin B-12 in the natural human animal. Because humans do not have a cecum or other fermentation chamber to derive cellular building blocks from the bodies of expired microorganisms, humans must consume animals and the fatty Vitamin B-12 complexes contained within their animal bodies. Additionally, the huge requirements for Vitamin B-12 in humans has to do with our relatively giant primate brains, which must be related to the differences in the levels of meat naturally being consumed by all of the great ape members including gorillas, Bili apes, chimps, bonobos, orangutans and humans. Discussion Humans are historically and scientifically verified hunter gatherers, with great emphasis placed upon the former. For thousands of years humans participated in natural animal based food plans due to our somewhat naturally developing food habits throughout the millennia. It was only recently that vegetarianism and veganism began to get more popular as education curriculums were consolidated into the modern ethnocentric global monopoly we see today. Vegetarianism in India, for example, was long cultivated in secret, ultimately culminating in India's total rape by the modern white christian and jewish English mafia, ongoing to this very day. In the west, we see a similar form of religious indoctrination used by new-age hippies and 5D ascension galactic alliance movements, started by the very same secret societies who aimed to dismantle the once great Hindoostan, or what we call the region comprising modern day India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and more.

Lord Shiva, a quintessential figure of Indian belief systems, always has a depiction of carrying a hunting spear and bow. Shiva wears the skins of jaguars and tigers, as a master hunter, symbolizing his great power, courage and bravery. How exactly did the traditional master hunters of India turn into the modern day emaciation of vegetarian "Hindus"? Who and what bastardized the ancient notion of ahimsa to equate vegetarianism? How can ahimsa, the ancient teaching of doing no harm to yourself nor others, be relevant when humans are harming themselves by abstaining from their own natural food source of meat?

When we compare the religious rationale of modern Hinduism and various CIA-based ascension religions, we see a similarity in the logical fallacies being employed to inculcate good-natured people. Quite often within the ascension 5D galactic alliance religions, we are presented with mindsets that presume we will not enter into ascension if we eat meat, as if ascension serves the same purpose as a Christian heaven. Do these CIA/MOSSAD based ascension 5D galactic alliance religions have an answer for the accidental eating of spiders while sleeping? What about the occasional bug in the packaged vegan foods or vegetables we consume? Are we supposed to be granted passage to 5D based on our ignorance of these acts, or are these simply just flippant religiosities being used to once again quell the human spirit? When the Earth "ascends", do tigers and lions get to ascend if they are still eating meat? Is a complete and healthy physical brain necessary for ascension into 5D galactic alliances? How can a vegan human who sacrifices their own brain for emotional placation ascend into 5D with an injured brain? Vitamin B-12 builds virtually every fatty brain cell and nerve fiber so how is the human spiritual vehicle meant to function without these seriously necessary building blocks? Do the 5D ascension CIA/MOSSAD galactic alliance religions address the specific and concrete mechanisms responsible for 5D ascension, and have they made throughlines between what we know about the brain and pineal gland to what we know about obligate carnivore nutrition? Do the 5D CIA/MOSSAD religions explain the medically documented fact that humans who are deficient in Vitamin B-12 are susceptible to mental delusions, an important aspect in the apparatus of modern 5D religions? The control structure on Earth does not want humans functioning with adequate nutrition because humans will then become distinctly independent of fanciful, government-generated appeals to emotion. This entire time, a silent enemy sits beyond the reaches of our perceptual and cognitive awareness, silently making lies of omissions about the true origins and specialty of surface dwelling humans. It is only with the ancient siddhis, attained within deep meditations that one may expand the reach of our perceptions beyond the finite body and consciousness, a very real biological mechanic hidden from humans with subversive and manipulative argumentation and complex logical fallacies. Now we start to see, the more and more we scrutinize the logical arguments presented to us on TV and social media, the same old logical exclusions surmount as if a new power seeks to capture our hearts just like the old religions. This information is being maliciously hidden from the people by super rich industrialists in white, jewish, christian and arab countries so that modern people continue to live in the monotony of human bioenergy farms as zombies. I am coming forth at this time to fulfill the wishes of my ancestors. By using the ancient siddhis, I bring balance to the knowledge base of the surface people, a knowledge that for so long has been withheld exclusively by ancient royal families at the expense of all people, animals, plants and even rocks. It was not long ago that these very same people referred to above withheld even basic literacy from the bulk of human settlements, for the bulk of human history. Those few literates had access to only miniscule ancient documentation that happened survived the curated ages, in the form of religious philosophical texts that are themselves adulterated for the purposes of creating thought slaves in a worldwide, ancient bioenergy farm of the ignorant. Using advanced psychological methodology, from ancient mystery schools that have been kept separated from historically recorded cataclysmic events, a small group of super rich ancient families secretly influences the deep-seated world views present in modern day humans. Clinically sophisticated psychological indoctrination essentially transformed and disfigured the natural human animal, a historically verifiable worldwide apex predator, into a series of fallacious dietary classifications based on the shame and guilt of religious appeals to emotion or religious appeals to the unknown. The very fact that we are still having such a basic argument as to whether we eat meat or not remains a shocking testament to the overt monopoly on thought itself cultivated by the white jewish christian arab country mafia gatekeepers of empirical knowledge, specifically designed to disarm and dislodge any potential dissident thought forms from the herd. Only through demonstrating and then emulating the dharma of science, philosophy and life can we achieve total liberation of thought, which is but the first step in the achievement of perfect perception, an essential component of self-actualization and self-realization as taught in the Upanishads.

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