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Ancient secrets and war torn countries

Ukraine houses untold ancient secrets. Just as in the middle-east, “war” is often an oversimplification employed to destroy important evidence regarding real human history.

Crimean Pyramids

For instance in Crimea, there exists one of the largest and oldest pyramids on earth which actually updates the timeline of human civilization in a way that modern academia cannot withstand.

Similarly in the middle-east, countless ancient artifacts have been destroyed, hidden and robbed exactly like in Ukraine and many artifacts end up under the Vatican in one of the most famous historical vaults we are currently aware of, off limits to most earth humans.

Now let us examine some of the war torn countries and what types of secrets they house.


Iran Persepolis


We often see the same historical symbols being used by ancient civilizations that happen to coincide with not only modern material sciences, but physics and chemistry as well.

In Byblos there were also interesting skulls found that resemble skulls recovered from ancient megalithic sites in Peru.


Quite often we see the similarities of physics concepts encoded in ancient sculptures, designs, mosaics and symbols.


Once again in Aleppo Syria we see three-dimensional musical frequencies encoded as a two-dimensional representation.


Lost and ancient Hindu temples destroyed, disfigured and forgotten by religious wars.


Very special Hindu artifacts in Pakistan.


Ancient temples are not simply quaint artifacts of the past, but literal representations of super advanced physics, science and astronomy. Most people do not really recognize what they are looking at because this type of information has been made to seem unrealistic or conspiratorial which is simply a means by which the truth continues to be hidden from the illiterate masses.

Digital tonoscope finds the truth of ancient sriyantra and “Om”

There are countless scientific discoveries encoded in the world’s ancient architecture, symbolism, mythologies, city and temple sites that would decimate modern concepts of space, time, physics and energy production. One of the most important reasons why human history continues to be subdued by the 1% richest people on earth has to do with preventing the total liberation of all people through the power of knowledge and historical comprehension.

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