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Atmospheric electricity

Updated: May 2, 2023

Cathedrals and temples from around the world(15), as we know them and as we have been taught about them, are so intricately designed that mere religiosity alone cannot account for their scientific and technological function.


We know (1) that as we go up in height (2) and altitude(3), voltage in the atmosphere increases. Much of the reasoning behind burgeoning technologies like space tethers(4) centralizes on atmospheric voltage and its accumulation with height. There are also many such beyond ancient technologies found on other planets like the earth moon(18) and mars(19).

For example, the tower of Babel(5) represents a somewhat recent real world application of atmospheric technology, along with the rest of the world's ancient "temples".

Through the clever inculcation(6) taking place in public school systems(7) across the world, human history becomes replaced with a fake industrial ethnocentric fairytale(8). We are told that literal indigenous(9) oral histories are simply myths(10), ancient artifacts are unexplainable mysteries, ancient energy technologies are then regarded simply as impossibilities, providing the reasoning behind today's wage slavery(11) and utility monopoly(12).

Modern humans are kept in such a dazed stupor(13), they regard every complex solution as an elementary conspiracy theory; they cannot detect the psychologically advanced machinations(14) being put forth by institutions and their masters. Modern day voters are now comprised of nothing more than the walking grateful dead, in a trance(17), receiving their daily allotments from superrich trillionaires. Buffoons of all creeds, colors and political affiliations, surviving off table scraps with a slow caffeine drip(16); they are the ones who tell us what's history or myth, real or fake, possible or impossible, fact or fiction.


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