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Who received the placebo Covid vaccine?

Throughout the world, millions of mRNA Covid vaccines were administered, but a new and growing body of evidence and documentation reveals that many of the injections were simply saline.

With serious adverse reactions(1) to the mRNA vaccine documented globally, how are we supposed to know who did and who did not receive the actual mRNA Covid vaccines so that we can take steps to prepare for any potential negative health outcomes?

In my previous article(2), documentation of new medical developments surrounding the administration of mRNA Covid vaccines draws global scrutiny and concern.

ABC news(3) confirmed that a North Carolina couple did, in fact, receive a saline injection instead of the mRNA Covid vaccine.

CTV News Toronto(4) found that at least six people received saline injections instead of the mRNA Covid vaccines.

CBC News Canada(5) found that hundreds of people were given saline injections instead of the mRNA Covid vaccines.

NEWSWEEK(6) found that "a small number" of people also received saline injections rather than the mRNA Covid vaccine in South Carolina, in addition to the couple.