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What they don't want you to know about climate change

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I am an environmental ecologist trained in San Francisco who has studied climate science for over 15 years. During this time, I saw legitimate public concerns about industrial pollution of toxic chemicals conflated with carbon emissions in an attempt to usher in the next phase of corporate profiteering. For over 20 years, this false narrative, rife with advanced psychological propaganda, has been put forth by corporations to enlist the minds and hearts of my friends and family, taking advantage of their good nature by presenting oversimplifications rooted in scarcity, fear and loathing.

While we are all merrily watching our televisions and voting for the lesser of two evils, super-advanced corporate backed psychological propaganda operates a secret agenda in which petroleum assets are being transferred to greenwashed "clean energy" assets. Meanwhile, modern environmentalists replace air pollution, in the form of carbon emissions, with water table pollution, in the form of destructive lithium, cobalt and nickel mining practices. Such a profound contradiction being perpetrated by entranced modern environmentalist voters absolutely qualifies as cognitive dissonance and these are the legitimate reasons, backed by scientific source materials, that what they think they know is a total corporate fabrication.

Some of the most notable progressive liberal environmentalists continue to portray climate change as if it is something that can be stopped. This is the first red flag being presented to the public, in that "stopping global warming climate change" relies on an obvious oversimplification, as indicated by the source materials below.

NASA straight up says "global sea levels are rising as a result of human-caused global warming". NASA even provides us with this neat little graphic below to make sure we know how naughty we've been. Conveniently, governments across the world, who are essentially themselves the biggest industrial polluters due to the revolving door in politics (ie big oil, big tech, auto makers, industry) also don't care about what we think, they don't represent us, and yet, they are quick to single out "humans" as the problem, while suspiciously avoiding any association with governments or industries.

In the above graphic provided to us by NASA, we can see that, indeed, the sea levels are rising, but, NASA will not show you the rest of the sea level rise timeline, like the one provided below, presumably because it does not fit the corporate narrative of selling you 10 million electric cars.

In the above graphic, we see earth interglacial periods dating back for the last 1.8 million years. All the way to the left of the graphic, we see where we are today, again at the highest average sea level between glacial periods, in a very predictable cycle that the earth naturally goes through as a result of solar forcing.

NASA, a supposedly consummate scientific agency, presents to us, quite readily, the oversimplification of human caused sea level rise while intentionally omitting legitimate data that would seriously contradict the fake corporate narrative they are presenting.

Now let us continue to examine the validity of NASA's position with additional scientific references.

Below we see the Florida coastline reconstruction during the Wisconsin Glaciation data, showing us how, much like the interglacial timeline above, the sea levels rise in a predictable fashion with relation to the natural earth climate cycles.

As we can see in the above coastline reconstruction data, the sea levels have been rising and falling, in a natural ebb and flow for hundreds of thousands of years, even millions of years. In the scientific paper Paleoclimatic Perspective of the last 140,000 years about the Florida coastline reconstruction listed above, it says ,"...from a paleoclimatic perspective the current sea level rise is relatively stable and changing much slower than the previous 140,000 years. From a paleoclimate perspective the current sea level is 20 meters lower than the previous interglacial sea level peak 130,000 years ago known as the Eemian. Moreover, the sea level had chaotic rises 20,000 to about10,000 years ago that dwarf our current sea level change."

Subtleties of scientific data are intentionally hidden, drowned out and dismissed in favor of more incomplete data in order to mobilize the unread voter base, comprised of both liberals and conservatives, toward the procurement of electric vehicles and the fake sustainability mindset at large.

Such a sustainability mindset, as the one alluded to above, already sweeps across the earth, violently capturing the hearts and minds of unread people, causing a profound self-loathing that rivals even those of religious sinners.

As we are being presented with intentional oversimplifications that incorrectly illustrate our being the direct cause of the climate changing, the minds of our people, especially children, are being modified, molded and manipulated into a groupthink schema, one that totally depends on the fake, corporate driven propaganda facilitated by immoral governments. Without access to legitimate scientific data that could soothe demented psychologies fostered in our people, we will see many more millions of humans, plunging foolhardy into the arms of a government that not only doesn't care about them, but also intentionally manipulates them by monopolizing the way in which they receive information.

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