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The White Collar Cartel

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Old western rich white men of both christian and jewish descent, who happen to account for only 10-14% of the earth's total population, have done their absolute best attempting to monopolize the ways in which you receive information; indeed, these racist misogynist extortionists even monopolized the ways in which you can legally receive treatment.

Vaccines are part of a grand for-profit legal framework, a white collar cartel, a white coat mafia protected with pen and paper, as well as the gun! One of the only government mandated products, vaccines directly favor the pocketbooks of 10 to 14% of the total human population and yet they control the narrative currently experienced by the biggest chunk of humans in the history of propaganda on this planet!

As a direct affront to the overt informational monopolization perpetrated by politicians and their stupefied voters, I compiled a list of promising alternatives that they do not want you to know, in order to replace fear and uncertainty with hope and confidence.

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