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The art of accelerated decision making

Have you ever played the game Tetris at level 200? This is a bit like what's currently occurring on our planet because of the increased gravitational effects on the local dilation of time.

One of the reasons for the sudden increase in government generated obfuscation, the increase in confusion, infighting, government generated distraction protocols and divisive propaganda, has everything to do with why and how our own collective consciousness operates during this special time, as these protocols attempt to manage this logarithmic expansion of human awareness.

Many people are not aware of what currently happens to us and none of the typical statist media propaganda outlets (including secret government originated new-age "channeled" information from anonymous "alien civilizations") will ever want to share this information with any of you. As a result, many people are suffering needlessly, while others seem to be riding the wave quite easily and quite naturally.

Our hands build the physical universe. Our moment to moment decisions literally create the future. These are the reasons for such high investments in the alteration of our conscious perceptions, through the guise of fake white interventionism, or fake galactic interventionism, or fake savior complexes fostered by human manipulation on the genetic level.

These are the secrets I teach in my personal sessions: the ways in which we can identify the ineffable, through the careful practice of our own conscious awareness, while becoming furnished with the appropriate thoughts that facilitate perfect actions.

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